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I bought a 9,000,000mAh power bank from eBay, and I got what I deserved

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OK, the opposite day somebody urged that I head over to eBay and, for amusing, search for the most important marketed energy financial institution I may discover.

Inside minutes I would discovered one which claimed to be a whopping 9,000,000mAh, superb because it’s small, and a chunky energy financial institution just like the Zendure SuperTank Pro is just 26,800mAh.

Oddly, the capacities topped out at 9 million mAh, and I could not discover a 10 million mAh energy financial institution. I am undecided whether or not that will simply be too ridiculous, or 9,000,000 seems greater than 10,000,000.

Anyway, I had to purchase one. I anticipated it to be dangerous. And £14 (about $20) and some days later, I received what I deserved.

I got what I deserved!

I received what I deserved!

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Earlier than I present you the ability financial institution, it is was curious how the eBay itemizing goes to lengths to clarify why the ability financial institution would not have a capability ranking printed on it.

The explanation as to why no capacity is printed on the power bank

The reason as to why no capability is printed on the ability financial institution


OK, the ability financial institution. It is the standard cheapo energy financial institution with a photo voltaic panel and a few rubber across the edges to make it look rugged. Past this, there’s nothing concerning the energy financial institution that is designed to forestall water or filth ingress.

It has a single microUSB port for charging, together with two USB-A output ports. It has a 9-LED flashlight on the again, and a few low cost rubber flaps cowl the ports.

On stripping it aside, I discovered the standard circuit board for these sorts of energy banks (the board has a 2015 date screen-printed on the board. The battery did not have any markings, however it’s the dimension I would anticipate for a 10,000mAh cell (and discharge checks confirmed that it was certainly a 10,000mAh cell, to inside 10 %).

The ability financial institution promised a most output of two.1A at 5V, however once I put it beneath a 2A load the voltage dropped to 4V and the ability financial institution stop inside a couple of seconds.

It doesn't like being pushed to the rated capacity

It would not like being pushed to the rated capability

So, what I ended up with was an influence financial institution with lower than 1/900th of the rated capability that wasn’t able to delivering the utmost rated output. The LED flashlight was OK, however the on/off change was poor and have become unreliable after a couple of presses

Oh, and the ability financial institution additionally got here with a compass on a keyring, sadly, the compass factors to the steel ring within the keyring, so even that is junk.

It’s virtually like this energy financial institution’s whole life’s objective was to take $20 out of my checking account. 

Even the compass is junk :(

Even the compass is junk 🙁

Now, as is the case with merchandise like this which are offered within the UK, I liaise with UK buying and selling requirements officers to get merchandise like this faraway from sale.

Backside line: do not waste your cash.

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